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RightNowRésumé .com | Sacramento-Résumé .com | Résumé sForManagers.com/ (aka Dan Greitzer), have produced over 10,000 Résumé s.  Pick a job out of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and chances are Dan has written a Résumé for it.  Up to launch of Résumé sfornurses.com several years ago, Dan had already produced several hundred nursing and other medical related Résumé s, as well as a good number of letters requesting admission to medical school.


Where some Résumé services focus on the hoity toity (executive jobs/executive level fees), Dan believes in a higher volume, more realistic fee structure (“I’d be uncomfortable charging $400 per hour for a Résumé ”).


In addition to preparing Résumé s and modifications to clients from decades ago, Dan is now writing Résumé for clients’ kids (“Perhaps when the grandkids start calling, I’ll consider retiring to the old Résumé writers’ home”).

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The Résumé Process

Dan Greitzer established Résumé s By Design (RBD) in Sacramento, California in March, 1985.  The addition of Résumé sfornurses.com came along around 1995 (after having written hundreds of nursing Résumé s, trained several RBD managers…

At Résumé sForNurses.com we have a simple step-by-step process to creating your winning Résumé . The first and most important step starts with you calling us to get things started. Don't wait another moment to get your job-search started. More…

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